New Arrivals on Wonkey-Donkey-Bazaar - Wonkey Donkey Bazaar

New Arrivals on Wonkey-Donkey-Bazaar

They are the kind of things that you'll want to wear on a trip to a remote country, while exploring a new city, relaxing with your friends or doing yoga on the beach. Pair them with your favorite casual or activewear outfits and see how they transform into something magical thanks to the beautiful colors and prints in extraordinary shades like deep purple, pea green, blood orange or salmon pink. . 

The brand's signature watercolor-effect prints appear on their apparel, accessories and home decor and are a favorite with customers all over the world. 

Shop Aditi Kali designs on Vida and browse their vintage selection, accessories, quirky gifts, homeware and one-off pieces on Wonkey Donkey Bazaar on eBay and Etsy!

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