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Spiritual Fashion by Aditi Kali.

Spiritual Fashion by Aditi-Kali.

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Fashion has been a favorite form of self expression for men and women for thousands of years, but we often forget that it can also be a beautiful reflection of one's spirituality and mindset. Colors and symbols can work together to create powerful images of love, passion, freedom, peace or positivity, making the wearer feel truly special and allow them to project their beliefs and vibrations into the world. 

Aditi Kali is a UK fashion label that can best be described as a fusion of punk, gothic, hippy and spiritual styles. Born from a passion for textures, shapes and colors, their designs are inspired by love, spirit and the human condition, displaying a uniquely vibrant color palette with dynamic prints that make Aditi Kali's products wearable pieces of art for those who dare to be different. 


The brand's designs are manufactured with minimal waste, which makes them ideal for people who care about their environment just as much, if not more, than they do about fashion and appearances.



Their bags, tops, scarves, wraps and wall art are not just fashion accessories but reflections of a lifestyle, a mindset, a way of thinking. They are the kind of things that you'll want to wear on a trip to a remote country, while exploring a new city, relaxing with your friends or doing yoga on the beach. Pair them with your favorite casual or activewear outfits and see how they transform into something magical thanks to the beautiful colors and prints in extraordinary shades like deep purple, pea green, blood orange or salmon pink. . 


The brand's signature watercolor-effect prints appear on their apparel, accessories and home decor and are a favorite with customers all over the world. 

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