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VALENTINES DAY-LOVE-10 best gifts, and what is love & how do i get it?



10 Best Valentines Gifts to Give


World over in February young couples celebrate Valentines Day with laughter and promises of undying love. The celebration knows no barriers and whether 4 or 80 years old,  people with hope treasure the phrase “Will you be my Valentine.”

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Mid- Feb heralded in ancient Rome, the coming of spring and even in pre-Christian times people celebrated a “fertility” festival with great joy. Much later the festival celebrated on Feb 14th was in honor of St. Valentine who is believed to have signed a letter to his beloved on his death bed as “from your Valentine.”


Red hearts, beautifully wrapped chocolates, balloon bouquets, and so on flood the markets and most young men are in a quandary as to what will make a “memorable gift.”




Here are a few ideas to set your creativity rolling:

  1.   Abandon all ideas of dinner in a crowded restaurant where couples will be jostling for space. Plan a special “time for two” either on a patio over looking a garden or on a boat sailing down a moonlit river or sea. Choose to pack a picnic basket with foods that triggers off memories. For example perhaps the two of you had enjoyed chocolate donuts one day, or a pizza with toppings both love, or a cookie specially baked by you. Take along music or compose a song to sing to her. Serenade him/her like knights used to on bent knee.
  1.   If you have gathered many pictures or video clips of your time together then put together an album with specially written captions and a witty heading. You could even say “this gamine grimace enchanted me,” be original and let your imagination and sense of humor take wing.
  1.   If you are going to be away on Valentines Day meet online for a special chat. Make it a cyber date—the World Wide Web will close up the distances.

 Celebrating Valentine’s Day Apart
There are a number of reasons why a couple may find themselves spendingValentine’s Day apart. Couples who are in a long distance relationship, business trips, shifts which prevent couples from being together, sickness and family emergenciesare just a few examples of reasons why a couple may find themselves spendingValentine’s Day apart.    While you may certainly understand the reasons why you and your loved ones cannot be together on Valentine’s Day it does not make it any easy todeal with this situation. You may still feel sad and lonely if you find yourself in one of these situations. However, there is home for those who are spending Valentine’s Dayapart from their loved ones, there are a few ways for making the day a lot more fun. This article will provide information on ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day apart in a number of different scenarios.

First we will consider the case of a couple who is in a long distance relationship. Forthis couple, they may be used to spending important days such as Valentine’s Day, anniversaries and other holidays apart so it may not be as difficult for them to deal with. However, there are ways this couple can still celebrate Valentine’s Day together. One way to do this is to both rent the same movie and watch it while on the phonetogether. This may run up your phone bill but if you have unlimited evening minutesyou and your partner can chat away on your cell phones while you watch the movie together. You might even consider both ordering the same type of food such as pizza or Chinese food so you will feel even more together for a little while.

Next we will consider a couple who finds themselves spending Valentine’s Day apartdo to an unexpected business trip. This can be particularly difficult because thecouple is not used to being apart on important days and likely did not have a great deal of time to prepare for spending the holiday apart. In this situation the coupleshould discuss Valentine’s Day as soon as they realize they are going to be spending the holiday apart. While discussing it they can decide whether they want to celebrate before they separate or after they are reunited. It is also important for the couple to try to at least have some contact on Valentine’s Day even if it is over the phone orthrough email. This will allow the couple to feel like they are together in some way sothey don’t get too lonely. Having flowers delivered to your loved one while you are
separated is also a very thoughtful gesture.


Finally, we will consider the case of a couple who cannot spend Valentine’s Daytogether because one or both of them does work which involves odd shifts. Thiscould include doctors, firefighters, police officers or a variety of other professions.Individuals in this type of situation are probably used to their odd schedule andmaking time to be together outside of working hours. In this case the best way to deal
with being apart on Valentine’s Day is to plan on celebrating together when it is morconvenient. This may not seem like the most romantic option but sometimes it is important to remember that you love your partner every day of the year and you don’thave to be together on Valentine’s Day to prove your love for each other.

Homemade Valentine’s Day Gifts

Stores and florists spend a great deal of time, money and effort promoting theirproducts as perfect for Valentine’s Day. This is done for good reason as most peopleturn to commercially available products on Valentine’s Day to give a great gift to their ]loved ones. However, with a little effort you may find you can give yourpartner a really great gift on Valentine’s Day which comes straight from your heart. This can be done in the form of a homemade gift. Despite what you may be thinking it does not take a great deal of time or talent to make these great gifts. This article will provide a few ideas for homemade gifts you can give to your loved one on Valentine’s Day.

A scrapbook is one of the most obvious homemade gifts you can give to your partneron Valentine’s Day. It is also one of the easiest homemade gifts you can make andalso one of the gifts which is most likely to be greatly appreciated by your partner.
This is a great combination if you want to give your partner a spectacular gift onValentine’s Day. To make a great scrapbook start out by selecting the pictures youwant to use in the scrapbook. You can select pictures of each of you individually,pictures of the two of you together, pictures of places the two of you have visitedtogether or any combination of the pictures previously mentioned. Once you select aseries of pictures you really like there will likely be an obvious theme for the scrapbook. Once this theme emerges you can search for the scrapbook as well as accessories for the scrapbook such as stickers, ribbons or other graphics. Finally,assembling the scrapbook is as easy as gluing the pictures and accessories to thepage and putting everything together in an order which makes sense.

Homemade candles are another great gift you can give your partner for Valentine’sDay. Making candles is actually quite simple. You can find kits in craft supply stores which will not only include everything you need to make a great candle or two but also provide you with simple step by step instructions on how to melt the wax, insertthe wick, pour the candle and allow the candle to set before releasing it from themold. Also, there will likely be the opportunity to use dyes and perfumes to create a candle of a customized color and scent. When adding color or scent to a candle, care should be taken to add the dye or perfume at the appropriate time for the best results.
One final idea for a homemade Valentine’s Day gift is a CD filled with your partner’sfavorite music or a DVD with pictures of videos of the two of you together. You can even combine the videos with movie clips or music which you think fits well with the

rest of the images or video. This may sound like it is extremely difficult but it really is not. With the technological advancements being made, many of us would be surprised to learn that we can do a lot of these things on our own computers at home.

However, if you are having a great deal of trouble, you might want to consider consulting a friend or family member for advice on how to accomplish your goal. This way you can still give your loved one a homemade gift for Valentine’s Day but you will have some help with the most difficult parts of the project.

  1.   Avoid the run of the mill activities and plan to go to an amusement park or fair. Have a rollicking time on the roller coaster.
  1.   If you know of a movie he/she has been dying to see –get it and plan an evening enjoying the film.
  1.   Don your apron and chef’s hat and cook a special meal.
  1.   Pamper him/her by gifting her a session at a spa she loves.
  1.     Plan a weekend get-away and take him/her somewhere special.
  1.   Pot a special plant for him/ her. One that will grow and bloom along with your relationship.

Valentines Day is special so consider something unique. Most people will not have the spirit of adventure in them and try something different. They feel safer going with the crowd and presenting their love with cards, red balloons, hearts cut out of red paper or fabric, Godiva’s  chocolates, or a dinner in a favorite restaurant. Dare to be different and you will be remembered.

What is Love and How Do I Get It?

Dr. Lynton examines the different types of love

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What is love?  Everybody uses the word “love” in daily conversations. There are millions of movies and songs based on love, but do we really know what it is?

Here are some Greek definitions of love:

Eros:  romantic love of passion, physical longing, deep intensity, and intimacy. Often initial love that attracts a couple. Attracted to what it finds desirable, or beautiful--often knowing no limits and searching without satisfaction through many objects of desire.  

Philios:  characterized by sharing, companionship and shared values, it exemplifies friendship-based and brotherly love. It is more comprehensive and less self-seeking than eros.  

Storge:  family love between parent/child or between two incredibly close people. It is instinctive, and does not need to be requited.

Agape: considered purest, most comprehensive and most mysterious form of love, which loves unconditionally. Agape dissolves our separateness from God, others, and ourselves, as instead of seeking the security and consolation of seeking to be loved, we are love. Agape is the love of altruism, of giving without asking anything in return.

A famous Bible verse in 1 Corinthians 13 states other qualities of love:

Love is patient; love is kind. Love is not envious or boastful or arrogant or rude. It does not insist on its own way: it is not irritable or resentful; it does not rejoice in wrongdoing, but rejoices in truth. Love bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things. Love never fails.

So how do we attract love into our lives?  We get love by giving love, for as we give, so do we receive.  Life is a mirror and will reflect back to us what we put out.  Want more love in your life?  Then I invite you to demonstrate to a friend or family member real AGAPE love. Call someone up for no other reason than to tell them you love them.  

LOVE IS PATIENT: Imagine for a moment what patience could do in your life?  What would your home be like if everyone had great patience?  What would the world be like if all people had patience with each other?  What is love?  Love is Patience and it begins with each of us.   


Kindness is directly connected to patience. Patience endures injuries and insults and kindness pays them back with good deeds and kind actions. In Greek the word kindness means “useful.” Love is kind means we express God by being kind, by being useful and of benefit to others.

“Who is born of love is born of God for God is Love.”

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