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You Got This Notepad

You got this notepad is the perfect daily pad to make your to do lists.Make notes, plan your day and cross off activities.Details- Approx A6 (10.5 x 14.8 cm)- 50... Learn More


You got this sticker

Size (Approx): 3 x 2 inchAll stickers are printed on premium glossy sticker paper.- hardwearing- scratchproof- easy peelable backingThere may be a slight variation in colours due to some screens... Learn More


A5 Self Care Planner

This A5 self care planner is the perfect daily planner to track your wellbeing and goalsTrack your daily water intake, food, practice gratitude, reflect on the day and track your... Learn More


Self Care Notepad

This self care notepad is the perfect daily planner to track your wellbeing.Track your daily water intake, set goals, practice gratitude, and understand your emotions.Details- Approx A6 (10.5 x 14.8... Learn More


Don't Be A Prick Socks

What do you buy the person who has everything? A new pair of funky socks of course! These 'Prick' socks are the perfect gift. Fits Mens Size: 7 - 11... Learn More



These little turquoise and peridot square silver stud earrings couldn't be cuter if they tried! A 10mm square of turquoise with a 3mm square of peridot above it, both set... Learn More


Aqua Shimmer

These rings were so popular the first time round that we thought we just had to restock - and it’s no wonder why they flew off our shelves! This ring... Learn More


Two's Company (silver)

These earrings are something quite special, mainly because of the stones. Beautiful rough cuts in aquamarine, ruby, tanzanite, amethyst and rose quartz - all glorious colours and unusual shapes. Two... Learn More


Silver Lining

This ring is stunning and, like all good design, oh so simple.A wide band of .925 sterling silver with a large faceted blue topaz, at its centre.The blue topaz is... Learn More


The Crown Princess

A stunning and unusual statement ring. Five teardrop-shaped gemstones, two amethysts, a blue topaz, a citrine and a peridot, sit on a wide band of marcasite with a marcasite rim... Learn More


Skies Are Blue

We first designed this ring in a different colour way, and in gold vermeil (Blue Lagoon) and it was so popular that we have now introduced this one in silver,... Learn More


Octopussy Moonstone

This is another of our rings that speaks to multiple generations - I know my daughter has her eye on one of these! It’s bold, but not overwhelmingly so, therefore... Learn More


Ice Pink Ring

Rough cuts are very popular at the moment and it’s easy to see why. This ring has a large rough cut morganite gemstone, which would be extremely expensive if it... Learn More


Eau de Nil

A gorgeously pretty stud earring with a triangle of aqua chalcedony, a circle of amazonite and a square of turquoise. These are all different but complementary shades of aqua or... Learn More


Heavens Above

This is a very unusual statement ring. 13 small but vibrant blue chalcedony stones are set into a woven pattern of brushed .925 sterling silver. it is beautiful and really... Learn More


Band Of Brothers

This ring is pure class! A variety of faceted, flat, gemstones in glorious colours, sit alongside several different shaped holes. They are set into a wide but thin band of... Learn More


Blue Skies

These rings are so popular in gold that we thought we would try them in silver, as many people only wear silver jewellery. We think they look brilliant! This one... Learn More


Ice Pink Studs

Rough cuts are very popular at the moment and it’s easy to see why. These stud earrings have a large rough cut morganite gemstone, which would be extremely expensive if... Learn More


Spot, Dot, Drop

A sophisticated set of three stacking rings that can all be worn separately, or fit together like a jigsaw. The cubic zirconia, pearl, and moonstone all complement each other and... Learn More


Garden of Eden (gold)

And at the heart of the garden was a tree and at the heart of the tree was a beautiful oval gemstone, and it was all in 18k gilded silver... Learn More


Lord of the Rings

I love this ring as much as my daughter does - it’s that kind of ring! I think it will appeal across generations and tastes. A fabulous 25mm wide band... Learn More


Square rooted in pink Chalcedony

This beautiful ring has a large, square, faceted gemstone of soft pink chalcedony at its centre. Going down each arm of the ring band are three tiny cubic zirconia stones,... Learn More


Noughts and Crosses

This piece calls out to those who love big and bold silver rings. Nine small gemstones, three of each in blue topaz, peridot and amethyst, are set in a solid,... Learn More



A broad band of hammered .925 sterling silver with a large, faceted oval of blue topaz in the centre. At an amazing price! These sold out quickly last time, so... Learn More


Opal & Topaz Spinning Ring

This beautiful spinning ring features two gorgeous semi-precious stones that compliment each other perfectly.The spinning rings and on a 12mm beaten silver band. Learn More


Frosted Spinning Ring

A 10mm wide sterling silver band with a frosted finish contrasts beautifully with a beaten gold fill spinning ring that moves freely over the broader band. Learn More


Peridot & Topaz Spinning Ring

This ring is beautiful. The peridot and topaz spinning rings compliment each other perfectly. The ring also features a gold fill wire spinning ring and a 12mm wide beaten band. Learn More


Blue Opal Disc Necklace

This pretty necklace has a bright blue opal over a beaten silver disc. The disc is 15mm in diameter. The pendant is suspended on an 18 inch sterling silver rope... Learn More


Double Heart Spinning Ring

This spinning ring has a copper and brass heart that spin round the silver birch textured band. The band is 12mm wide. Learn More


White Opal Disc Necklace

This pretty necklace has a white opal over a beaten silver disc. The disc is 15mm in diameter. The pendant is suspended on an 18 inch sterling silver rope chain. Learn More


Brass Heart Hoop Necklace

This cute little necklace has a wee brass heart inside a beaten silver hoop. Learn More


Blue Opal Beaded Ring

This little ring is stunning in its simplicity. A bright blue opal glitters on this unusual beaded band. Also available in white opal. Learn More


White Opal Beaded Ring

This little ring is stunning in its simplicity. A white opal glitters on this unusual beaded band. Also available in blue opal. Learn More


Copper Heart Spinning Ring

A sterling silver beaten band with a beautiful copper heart. The band is 10mm deep. Learn More


Blue Opal Spinning Ring

A bright blue opal sparkles out from this beautifully textured spinning ring. The beaten band is 10mm wide. Learn More


Black Lava Salt Bath Salts 250g

Deep and dark our Black Lava Salt bath salts are blended with genuine Hawiian Black Lava Salt genuine Dead Sea Salt and Epsom Salts and boosted with Activated Charcoal. Our... Learn More


Facial Selection 4x95g Bars

A dream team of facial cleansers, we’ve selected four of our famously ethical products to help with everything from eczema, acne and detoxing, right through to hiding those pesky wrinkles. Learn More


Love Potion Bath Salts 250g

The perfect way to bring a little love and romance into your bathing experience. Our love potion bath salts include rose petals with rose and jasmine essential oils are blended... Learn More


Rune Wax Melts - Full Set (25)

Modelled after the runic alphabet these runes are individually handmade scented and coated in glistening golden powder. Perfect for use as decoration and when melted in an oil burner /... Learn More


Bath Soap - Tea Tree & Turmeric

Boldly scented & pleasantly cool. Made with Tea Tree essential oil, chosen for its naturally gentle antibacterial and anti fungal properties. This soap is silky smooth, invigorating and wonderfully rich... Learn More


Sage Cleansing Bath Salts 250g

Cleanse and clarify your body and mind with our Sage Cleansing bath salts blended with genuine Dead Sea Salt and Epsom salts to leave your skin feeling soft and smooth... Learn More


Bath Soap - Lemongrass & Hemp

Uplifting and ex-foliating. Made with steam distilled Lemongrass essential oil chosen for its spirit boosting sweet citrus scent and antiseptic, antibacterial and natural deodorising properties. Learn More


Tombstone Wax Melts - 6 Pack

Great value 6 pack of our spooky tombstone wax melts saving over 30% on buying individually handcrafted in environmentally friendly soy wax and scented with 100% pure essential oil fragrances.These... Learn More


Bath Soap - Lavender

Indulgent and relaxing. Made using Lavender essential oil and sprinkled with finely cut Lavender blossom to gently exfoliate and promote rest whilst caring for your skin with its acclaimed antiseptic... Learn More


Specialised - Shampoo / Lavender & Tea Tree

Natural healthy shine. Made with vitamin e rich castor oil. Ideal for all hair types, this long lasting bar naturally nourishes, conditions and promotes healthy hair growth. Learn More


Protection Bath Salts 250g

Designed to bring you a little boost of protective energy our Protection bath salts are the perfect blend of herbal Sage Basil and Vervain with the essential oils Clove Frankincense... Learn More


Soap Box

Liquid wood is a completely organic bio-material made from the leftover parts of trees during the papermaking process. Moulded into our plastic-replacing, durable and biodegradable travel box that’s perfect for... Learn More


Specialised - Cocoa Butter Bar

Naturally Moisturising. Hydrating, nourishing and ideal for all skin types. This moisturising, fragrance free cleansing bar is one third cocoa butter, one third olive oil and one third coconut oil. Learn More


Peppermint & Eucalyptus Shampoo Bar

An invigorating shampoo bar that’s good for you skin, scalp and hair, and which uses naturally conditioning organic argan to help you win the war against unmanageable hair. Learn More


Rose Geranium Soap

A gorgeously scented soap, offering more benefits than you can shake a loofah at, from its antioxidant and antifungal qualities to its relaxing and uplifting properties. Learn More