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Limited Edition Luxury Shoe Collection by Aditi Kali Fusion

What are you missing the most while on quarantine? Besides being able to see your friends and extended family, eat at your favourite restaurants or, you know, leave the house for something other than grocery shopping...

I personally really miss dressing up, and I especially miss wearing all my favorite heels. While I can still occasionally find an excuse to wear a blouse or a dress, I definitely can't justify wearing designer heels to the store right now (although I'm absolutely not judging you if you do, I'm actually impressed).
So while I wait for that glorious moment when I can finally dress up to the nines, I spend my time browsing new shoe collections. When I came across the new, vibrantly eclectic footwear collection by Aditi Kali the creative mind behind Wonkey Donkey Bazaar (also found on Etsy), I knew that my next pair had to be one of her fabulous creations.

Her Premium Edition Aditi Kali Fusion shoes come in a variety of styles, prints and colour combinations, from elegant turquoise pointy toe pumps to bold and edgy zebra print biker boots, and everything in between. They embody the spirit of summer, freedom and happiness, and they are an absolute joy to look at. The entire collection is handmade in one of the most important footwear hubs in the world: Italy's Le Marche region, which is commonly called "The Shoe Valley", and each pair is expertly crafted using premium quality materials like Italian leather, suede, organic canvas and vegan/cruelty free materials, which makes the shoes super comfortable, and they all come in gorgeous collectors' edition shoe boxes with a magnetic clip.

Aditi Kali, an experienced fashion and interior designer, is known for her "funky and punky" style inspired by the alternative music - punk and rave - scene as well as DIY culture, with lots of cool unisex designs. She lives by Vivenne Westwood's words: "If you wear impressive clothes, you will have an impressive life." She makes shoes that she herself would love to wear and that she can't find anywhere else. You will never find a pair of dull brown shoes in her collection! Her message is DARE TO BE DIFFERENT, BE FREE TO BE!

Be sure to check out all of her fabulous designs!
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