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Sweyn Forkbeard

Leather Strop for Cut Throat Razor

Leather Strop for Cut Throat Razor

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Your Cut Throat Razor needs to be cared for so that it will, in turn, take care of your face. Stropping a razor serves to polish the edge of the blade and to re-align it at the correct angle for sharp, effective shaving. After several shaves, your razor's cutting edge will become slightly more aligned with the head, which causes bluntness. This strop is made from an extra solid natural cow leather. It is strong enough to provide a re-finishing effect on your cut-throat razor, but also soft enough to prevent the blade from accidental damage.

Material: leather, stainless steel
Color: Black and Brown
Length: 56 cm
Width: 5 cm
Height: 0.5 cm
Weight: 138 grams

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