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Pentagram Bundle

Pentagram Bundle

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This gift set has been thoughtfully curated and includes 5 items including:
FI_07831 - Pentagram Cauldron Oil Burner
FI_30930 - Round Mirror with Pentagram
FI_42430 - All over Pentagram Glasses Case
FI_23131 - Pentagram Cauldron Resin Incense Holder
FI_32238 - Pentagram Cushion
FI_31738 - Pentagram Black Mug
FI_45438 - Pentagram Incense Cone Cauldron Burner.
A perfect kit of decor accessories for a bedroom or living space with a magical theme. Product Dimensions: H15.5cm x W47cm x D47cm Packaged Dimensions: H15.5cm x W47cm x D47cm

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