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SYNOPSIS-Aditi-Kali of WonkeyDonkeyBazaar-”My Journey.”

“For as long as I can remember I have always felt that I have seen the world differently from most other people and have always embraced the extraordinary. “  Aditi-Kali

“The only people for me are the mad ones: the ones who are mad to live, mad to talk, mad to be saved, desirous of everything at the same time, the ones who... burn, burn, burn like fabulous yellow Roman candles” Jack Kerouac-"On The Road"..

For as long as I can remember I have always felt that I have seen the world differently from most other people and have always embraced the extraordinary. 

"I was and always will be-the round peg in a square hole.-"..(Aditi-Kali)


I have led a very interesting and varied life, and have channelled my abundance of unique, and sometimes challenging, experiences into my work. My fascinating journey through life has inspired me creatively and has moulded me into the determined and successful business woman I am today.

The raw chords of punk music resonated through my teenage years and the messages of non-compliance and rebellion from bands such as The Clash, Pistols, xray specs, dead kennedys,  and the Iconic Women of Punk, Music , like TOyah, Hazel O'COnner, Vivienne Westwood and Skin of Skunkanasie,  have shaped the person I am today, and inspired my Collections, like the  Meegweetch Range-an Ojibwe word for Gratitude-

Leading a nomadic life, living in a camper van, during my late teens and early twenties, has also contributed to my non-conformist outlook on life and fed my creativity. My travels to India, Shri LAnka, Thailand and Egypt have especially  influenced my designs and creations. I am intrigued and enchanted by the symbols, and their significance, patterns, colours and imagery that these cultures manifest. In particular, I feel connected to the traditions, history and spirituality found in Indian and Eastern cultures. I feel a great affinity with the teachings and practices of these great and ancient societies. My goal in life is to be free and to strive for tranquillity and inner peace. 



Freedom is the key to my work. I want people to be able to be whoever they wish to be when they wear my designs and fashion pieces. I believe that people should be allowed to express themselves freely and to be uninhibited in how they wish to dress and how they wish to be in life. I feel the unique products I supply help people to achieve this and to fulfil their goals. Knowing that I provide my customers with bespoke statement pieces gives me great satisfaction and pleasure and fuels my inspiration.


I have worked incredibly hard to get where I am today. The roots of my business took hold at a very difficult period in my life. It started at a time when I found myself in a situation where I had to sell my belongings in order to survive! Having been a single mother from a young age, I have been no stranger to living on very limited resources and being canny and inventive in making very little go a long way! I mustered great strength from my predicament and took the opportunity to turn a very challenging situation into something  positive; which led to the establishment of my business! I quickly realised that I had a flare for selling things and that people liked and wanted what I had to offer! I have been planning, making, creating and designing for the whole of my life, and in 2014 I put all of my hard work and creativity out there, and, the rest, as they say, is history!



Determination, hard work, strength of character, and a little bit of stubbornness, have all been key to my success. I look forward very much to what 2023 has in store for me as I continue on my journey to enlightenment- Namaste.


“The Future is Unwritten”-Joe Strummer-The Clash

“Stay Gold”-The Outsiders

Even as a child I stood out from my peers, which  presented its challenges at times ! I was, and always will be, a round peg in a square hole. I now embrace the young girl that I was and celebrate who I was then and now.


 I grew up with strong female role models. My mother is a talented artist and sculptor who taught art in a local secondary school, as well as blind children. She was also a yoga teacher, and passed on her yoga teachings and practices to me from a very young age. She  supported me enormously when I first started my business and would stand in all weathers helping me to sell my wares on my market OR vINTAGE stallS!




There was one person in my early life who I have to thank for what I have achieved today. My maternal grandmother, Granny Sadie, was someone who believed in me. (Every child needs that special someone to be their cheerleader on the sidelines as they navigate their way through those early years of life, and Granny Sadie was mine!)  She saw  my potential and taught me not only many practical skills, but most importantly, to have belief in myself and to never give up. She loved nature, taught me how to sew, how to dance, how to grow, and how  to take delight in simple things. Even today, I can vividly see her bright blue eyes holding my gaze as she would show me the winter crocuses and snowdrops in her garden. She would tell me ,how, against all the odds, these beautiful, fragile flowers grew and thrived, and,that is what I had to do- never give up! Her words have always stayed with and I still draw great strength and inspiration from her love and wisdom.


When I started, they told me I only needed 3 chords and the truth... 

It turned out I could manage with 2 and some vague ideas.Joe Strummer


  • SECTION1- WonkeyDonkeyBazaar and what it does

WonkeyDonkeyBazaar  was established in 2014-as  an Online Retail-Fashion & Accessories, as well as Home, Garden and GIfts.

If you want to be bang on trend when it comes to the latest, funky, and original fashions & accessories, or home, garden , gifts- Wonkey Donkey Bazaar is here to help. Based in picturesque Abergavenny, our fashion designers have ample experience in the industry to get you looking your best through careful design and the finest tailoring. 

Reliable and affordable services

Many people believe that when you are looking for quality services or products, you will inevitably have to pay more. That's not the case with us. The cost of our services is affordable and scaled to your budget – and we assure you, the quality is going to be higher than the price tag, every time. Our customer service is also outstanding, as we are always available for questions, enquiries, and recommendations.

What we do

We focus on streetwear and ORIGINAL fashion styles. Our business is set apart from the rest by the creative style that we bring to the fashion industry. We are recognised by top fashion bodies for our unique way of expressing fashion creativity. Our styles are in tune with the needs of the current young culture and are widely accepted. Our creative process is also flexible enough to incorporate your suggestions and exact requests. Ask us to find out more about what we offer.

Make an appointment with us online, or check out the main website , or our shops on ebay or etsy shops- find us here :- 


Email us:- | or phone in on 07727061880/01873 856939 for an immediate response, to see how we can create the outfit or find the item of your dreams. You won’t be disappointed.

  • Since 2018,-VIDA- we have been working with production partners, like Vida, Contrado, Printify which complement the  Etsy and Ebay shops set up in 2014/15. We had fun,  out & about working stalls at vintage fayres, markets & festivals too, in the early days.

A new main website  was built in 2019,to accommodate the huge increase in product lines and ranges introduced and is currently being updated to include the vast new array or products for 2023.

. Find us, which is having another huge overhaul, for 2023’s NEW ARRIVALS 2023, which houses the new Vegan Ahimsa ranges, and products not found on Amazon, Ebay or Etsy etc

  • Zero Waste- Reduce-ReUse-Recycle-Repurpose

  • Eco-Friendly

  • Made in UK

  • Handmade

  • Social Good

  • Ethical/Socially Responsible

  • Organic 


  • Re-usuable

  • Sustainable/Sustainably Sourced/Fair Trade

  • Woman owned

  • Not on Amazon

  • Cruelty Free/Not tested on Animals/Natural & Plastic-Free

Vida Showcase- 

.Having expanded into creating my own Designer Showcases, I created a line of wearable art with VIDA - a sustainable, socially-conscious company which is growing all the time.

  •  2023 further expands the existing product ranges, via DropShipping, whilst working on finishing latest Couture Collections, and developing New Original Fashion Collections of bespoke,statement fashion designs, into furniture, fabrics, wallpapers, borders, etc using ethical global production partners, like Vida, Contrado, Printify, Tee-Mill
  • These include Designer Punky Funky Footwear creations via Aditi-Kali Fusion .Original, funky punky designer footwear. From designer, Aditi-Kali of WonkeyDonkeyBazaar and Aditi-Kali Boutique.

 Find us here-

  • “We want you to look and feel amazing, so besides our selection of unique and extravagant clothes and accessories, as well as Home, Garden & Gifts-we also offer one-on-one style consultations, bespoke outfits and sourcing.” WonkeyDonkeyBazaar
  • “Dare to be Different-Be Free to Be- 

    be free to be at Wonkey D.”.

  • Since 2020-TEE-MILL- to launch PEACE PUNKS range of original organic hoodies, vests, tees, tee shirt dresses:-


links to videos, on wonkeydonkeybazaar channel -youtube..

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